Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Effort to Save the Irish Hills Towers, Part II

Yesterday, I wrote about the history of the Irish Hills Towers, twin structures that for decades were a prime tourist attraction for visitors of Lenawee County's Cambridge Township. Since closing in 2000, the towers have fallen into disrepair, with missing siding, boarded-up windows, rotting floors, and roofs that were essentially missing. Earlier this year, Cambridge Township officials hired an architect who examined the buildings and recommended that the towers either be repaired by the end of this year's construction season, or be demolished.

A few years ago, the Irish Hills Historical Society hired its own architect, who created a strategy to salvage the towers. According to the historical society's vice president, Kelly Flaherty, the plan is to return the structures to working condition, then use them to house a museum. Recently, thanks to a loan secured by the historical society, crews removed the towers' tops (which were causing more damage than already existed) and replaced them with temporary caps. Future plans include clearing up the towers' external issues, then working on the interiors.

Cambridge Township officials no longer have the towers on "demolition watch," and the historical society has until the township board's October meeting to submit a complete restoration plan. While the pieces are slowly falling into place for the towers' eventual renewal, one key component remains missing: money. The historical society is seeking donations to help fund what will be a very expensive project. People interested in donating toward the renovation costs can visit the towers' website, or, where the historical society created a page for the towers. Also, visit the Irish Hills Towers page on Facebook for updates on fundraising and construction.

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